Why The Wraps Don’t Work

annisa it works wraps

I get asked this question several times a week. (Do the wraps REALLY work? Do they really tighten your skin? My friend told me they didn’t work…. etc. etc.)

So, my job right here is to tell you exactly WHY they aren’t working for you.

Let’s start with reason #1. Because you expect a drastic change after using only  1 wrap. Let me use this analogy to explain the wraps. It’s just like whitening your teeth. It’s a gradual process. You don’t just slap on one crest white strip and expect your teeth to be shining brighter than the sun. 1 wrap is considered a treat and 4 is considered a treatment. Some people may take more than 4 wraps to get to where they want to be! It all depends on your body, health goals, and more factors that I will explain here in a bit.

If you aren’t taking before and after pictures for yourself either, then you might as well have not even used the wrap at all. Before and After pictures are EVERYTHING. I don’t think I have ever been able to FEEL the difference until I SAW it for myself in pictures. Not only should you take a picture right after you take off the wrap, but also take a picture 72 hours after. The ingredients from the wrap continue to tighten and tone your skin for at least 72 hours, so your results will continue.

Another reason why the wraps won’t work. And this one isn’t as surprising when you really think about it, but let me ask you this. Are you drinking enough water? Are you drinking at least half of your body weight in ounces every day? Now, I can go all scientific on the reasons WHY you should be drinking water when wrapping, but I’m not going to bore you with the details. Basically, your body needs to flush out those toxins that the wrap is helping to break down. Ever heard of Lipolysis? No? Google it.

And if you’re drinking alcohol while wrapping, well I don’t have much to say about that.

Now, I saved this one for last because it’s something that most people don’t understand. I will always ask you what your exercise and eating habits are like before I get you started on anything. Why? Because our products are not meant to REPLACE a healthy lifestyle but ENHANCE it. Some people automatically think if they use our products they can stop exercising and stop eating healthy. Or they think they don’t need the wraps because they are already exercising and eating healthy.

That’s great but did you know your body can and will eventually hit a plateau where you won’t be able to lose weight, tone, or build muscle as fast as you once did. That’s why SUPPLEMENTS are made! (go figure)

Actually, our products work as a catalyst to boost your results and to get you over that plateau. Sure, these products can work without exercising but  don’t expect to see results right away. It will take AWHILE.

I’ve also mentioned this before, but if you’re not being consistent with your supplements don’t expect crazy results either. Even if you’re taking your supplements consistently, it will take about 3-4 weeks to start seeing results.

I’m not here to tell you there is a magic pill out there because there’s not, but there are ways to significantly boost your results and easier ways to reach your goal. IT WORKS when you DO. (no pun intended). So the question is are you ready to work for it?

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Thanks guys and MUCH LOVE,


Why Understanding Your Metabolism Can Be a Game Changer

Annisa Body Pic

Good Evening!,

Hope everyone has had a great day so far! Today, I wanted to talk about something that is commonly misunderstood.. Metabolism. Don’t worry, its a complicated subject but you will feel EXTREMELY better once you understand how it all works and how to BOOST it!

What is the correct term for metabolism you may ask? Well, according to news-medical.net metabolism is described as a “term used to describe all chemical reactions involved in maintaining the living state of the cells and the organisms.” Say what?? Basically its what keeps you alive, what keeps your body working!

Your metabolism is NOT what determines weight-loss and weight-gain. As commonly taught in the real world. Good thing is you can trick your body into thinking you have a fast metabolism, especially if you are exercising regularly. You can definitely take control of your metabolism and here’s how:

  1. Eat a GOOD Breakfast– This should be done EVERY day! Don’t let your body go into starvation mode because that’s what will happen if you don’t eat breakfast! Try a mix of lean protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Ex: Oats, egg whites, fruits etc.
  2. Drink Water– I know, I know I always stress the water thing. But according to a study from the University of Utah people who drink 8-12 glasses of water a day had higher metabolic rates than those who only drank 4 glasses. Water is the body’s most natural detox. It is so important for so many different reasons!
  3. Kick up the Intensity– Next time you workout, kick up the intensity for 30 second intervals (I know.. cardio blah) and then returning to your normal speed. This will help you to consume more oxygen and your cells will burn energy faster! Less time and getting GOOD results! YES PLEASE.
  4. Omega- 3’s– Eat a lot of Omega-3 fatty acids to balance blood sugar, reduce inflammation and regulate metabolism. BEST part about this is I am taking the most PERFECT supplement for Omega-3’s. Check it out here! Really worth it!
  5. Green Tea– Believe it or not evidence shows that the active ingredient in this bad boy can boost your metabolism. The main ingredient may help improve fat oxidation and thermogenesis. Another great thing, one of my favorite metabolism boosters is called thermofit and it is actually made with green tea extract! AMAZING! Great for energy also! Find it Here.
  6.  Protein– Your body will digest protein more slowly than fat and carbs so you feel fuller longer. It all makes sense now! It also helps with thermogenesis. Diets higher in protein preserve lean body mass! Want to know something even BETTER! I have the best PROTEIN powder available! All natural ingredients. I love the vanilla but haven’t tried the chocolate yet (I definitely plan to soon)! Find it Here!

These are my top tips but there are so many more. Try to find what works for you and your body. Every one is different. Don’t give up! There are ways to motivate yourself and to kick your body into gear! Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to sign up HERE to find out how to get discounts on my products!





How To Motivate Yourself When You’re Unmotivated



Hey Guys!

Hope you’re having an amazing day so far! I just wanted to talk about something that has really been on my mind. I’m going to be honest here, lately I have really been feeling unmotivated,  and you know what? It’s COMPLETELY normal. So, don’t worry if you fall into this ‘funk’ once or twice or maybe even a few hundred times. What matters is finding your motivation again!

I came across this article and I really liked it because it made some very valid points (link at the bottom). So here’s a little summary of it and my input as well.

  1. Lower Your Goals- Exercise feels like an important thing to do. Like it’s something we SHOULD be doing obviously because everyone wants to stay healthy. This, in turn, leads to crazy fitness goals, which then leads to excuses, because these goals are intimidating. Lower the standards. Make daily goals, realistic goals. Hit those goals and make new ones. Write down these goals and have them somewhere you can see them everyday!
  2. Measure Yourself-One of the most important ways to build motivation is “mastery” according to writer Dan Pink. Choose an exercise that you will be able to progress at. Pick a skill you’re lacking, for example push-ups, and work toward overcoming that milestone. The reward will be even greater since it is coming from the activity itself.
  3. Motivate Yourself With Loss-If you absolutely HAVE to use extrinsic rewards, you are better off threatening yourself with losing something you already have. For example, I would buy a wine bottle first and give it to a friend asking them to drink it if you fail. Now if that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is. This can be done with anything you love.
  4. Reset Mentally- We are always thinking about how we divide our time up in our head. Instead, try to think about what exercising will include afterward, say, a hot shower or a nice glass of wine. (can you tell I really REALLY like wine?) This is a reward in itself.
  5. Don’t stress about FEELING motivated- Often telling yourself that you need motivation will just stress you more. My personal advice for everything is just not to think about it, just do it. Seriously. Don’t think, just do. Makes life so much easier. Mind over matter (as my boyfriend always says). The mind can be a powerful thing.
  6. Buying Clothes/Supplements- Often times, I go to Ross or Target and see the CUTEST workout clothes. Whenever I buy new workout clothes, it motivates me like no other. You can find me the same day in my living room wearing those same clothes and running in place. (HAHA). Same thing goes for Supplements. It never fails. I just order 3 different It’s Vital Supplements and Energy Bars. Once they got to my doorstep, that was all the motivation I needed to get my butt up. Plus, why not ENHANCE your results while you’re at it???

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Thanks for reading. Until next time!


References: www. theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2016/apr/23/oliver-burkeman-fitness-motivation-exercise-five-steps

The Perfect Cleanse for Your Body

Annisa Cleanse
Hey YOU!
Hope all is well. Me? I am totally enjoying this gloomy, rainy weather we are having here in Texas! Been busy watching Sheriff Callie and Mickey Mouse all day with the little one.
Anyway, I have had something on my mind all day. Mainly because I just ordered the new amazing product for the second time. It just got me thinking….. “Isn’t this thing amazing???”
I decided I needed to share it with you, so can we just talk about it for a second?
SO what is this NEW magical product? Glad you asked. It’s a 48 hour/2 bottles per day Cleanse. So, what the cleanse actually does is a tad bit confusing. I had to study it myself. I’m going to try to explain it as best as I can so bare with me!
Okay, so you know when you’re wifi starts messing up at home and you have to do that annoying thing, and get up, go to the modem and literally push the “RESET” button. Well, you can think of the cleanse that way. Like a “reset” for your body.
On top of that, it removes toxins and delivers vitamin and nutrients straight to your body! How? Let me explain in more detail. (or try)
The cleanse if formulated with a Herbal Cleanse Blend and a Nutritional Cleanse Blend. These blends both feed and support the “good” bacteria so it can fight off the “bad” bacteria. This allows you to push those toxins out and helps you get rid of that bloated, sluggish feeling.
Its also formulated with a non-digestible fiber so it can reach deeper into the colon allowing for a better cleanse. (in a non-weird way…)
But this is exactly what you need to cleanse out your body. How can you expect to lose weight if you’re full of toxins? It just doesn’t make sense. You have to get CLEAN from the inside out.
Your next question is probably “Will I be running to the bathroom every 10 minutes?”

I am here to tell you no! Surprisingly, it’s a very GENTLE cleanse and WHITE PANTS APPROVED. I can attest to that! (ha)
But seriously, because the non-digestible fiber resists being broken down so quickly, it results in a deeper and more steady cleanse.
PHEW, now that I got that off my chest, I feel much better. I just couldn’t sleep without telling you about this awesome new cleanse.
So, there you have it. If you want this cleanse, get it for 40% off as a loyal customer! Already a loyal customer? Perfect! You get wholesale pricing forever! Click Here.
OH! And, while using this cleanse be sure to use the tips I mentioned in my previous blogs. If you haven’t seen a previous blog, check them out!
Until then, I’ll see you on my next blog!
Warmest Regards and Your Sincere Friend,
Annisa Longoria

My Daily Routine

Annisa Body Pic

Hello Everyone!

So, I’ve gotten a few requests of what I have been doing to help me stay in shape.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to be a body builder or anything like that. I am just trying to live a healthier lifestyle and stay in shape. SO I am going to get straight to the point. Here is a list of the products I take, exercises I do, etc. in depth so it can help you all out!

  1. I drink two scoops of greens every morning with my orange juice. This is a good way to start the day. You get your energy, veggies, and detox. Need I say more?
  2. I take my daily supplements right after I eat breakfast.
  • It’s Vital– I take 3 in the morning. It boosts my metabolism, helps me to focus, gives me energy, and gives me all the nutrients I need for the day.
  • Thermofit– 1 a day. I take this for an extra boost in my metabolism. I am able to burn off my calories a lot faster with this bad boy.
  • New You– 1 in the morning and 2 at night. This stimulates the natural production of HGH and helps to build lean muscle mass.
  • Regular– 2 at night. Helps to keep my “system” regular. (I know you’re thinking ew, but having a regular system is also extremely important for your health).
  • Wrap– Once every 1-2 weeks. Helps to tighten and tone my skin. Takes away my bloat.
  • Cleanse– 1 a month- 48 hour cleanse. A deep gentle cleanse for my system.

Those are the supplements I take EVERY day. I am really strict on being consistent because, like i said in one of my other blogs, being consistent is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for losing weight. Next I will go into my workout routine.

  1. I try to make sure I walk at least once a day. The baby and I always try to go the park a few streets down. (and we take the long way) Walking is SO good for you. You will feel so much better afterwards and with thermofit, you are sure to knock out some of those calories.
  2. I try to workout at least 3x a week. NO i do not go to the gym. With a toddler that’s pretty much impossible. I do home workouts. Right now I am doing the Ashy Bines Booty Challenge workout. There are so many workouts you can choose from! I recommend at least 45 minutes of cardio 3x a week. Insanity is also a good one if you’re looking for more of a toned look. A lot of cardio, circuit training, and body resistance exercises. If you’re looking to lose weight quick, this is a great program. Hard work but rest assured, it works.
  3. You don’t have to get on a strict diet to start seeing changes. Portion control along with good, whole foods is all you need. Tip: Eat only foods that can rot. So, eat REAL whole grain items.
  4. DRINK WATER- I don’t have to repeat this one.  You guys know how important water is. It’s the BEST natural detox so just DO IT.

There you go. My daily routine just for ya’ll. I’m not where I want to be just yet, but I am getting there! Keep pushing yourself, stay motivated, and just have fun!

Annisa It works results

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Why I can’t live WITHOUT this


Annisa Greens

There are many things I say I can’t live without… Like makeup.. But we all know I can quite literally live without… Wait no.. That’s just not true, sorry. I can’t live without makeup. hashtag makeup addict

Anyway… just like I can’t go a day without makeup, I can’t go a day without one of the best and healthiest products I know of…..

GREENS… You may be wondering what the heck is so good about this stuff and why does she keep talking about it! Well let me tell you a little bit about this green gold and if you don’t know.. Well you gon’ learn today!

I recommend Greens to everyone I know. When I first got a hold of some samples I wasn’t really big into them. In fact, I thought I would hate them. Like who cares about veggies, fruits, superfoods, etc. I mean right? But after I drank my first mixed greens, I was like WHOA, energy! I immediately became obsessed.

So, what was it that got me hooked? Glad you asked. Let me tell you why I take this everyday.

  1.  First it’s made of 38 herbs and superfoods that gives NATURAL energy. Not a jittery type of energy. A focused, good-feeling energy. This is one of my favorite things about the greens. It just FEELS SO good.
  2. The blend includes magnesium and potassium which helps to alkalize the body, therefore your body is not so acidic. Good pH balance is SO IMPORTANT forZ good health! pH inbalance can lead to minerals being pulled out of the bones and tissues to compensate. (you can probably already tell this isn’t a good thing). This can make you susceptible to all kinds of diseases. Greens can help alkalize your body and give you the minerals that you need to balance your pH.
  3. Greens includes LactoSpore, which is actually a probiotic. This helps to maintain balance of healthy bacteria in the digestive tracts, keeping your digestive system regular, and removing toxins and waste. HELLO, who doesn’t need a good detox??!
  4. Gives you 8+ servings of fruits and veggies. I know I definitely need help with this. Even though I love all kinds of foods (even fruits and veggies), I don’t eat them as much as I would like to. Why? Because there are so much more greasy, fattening, better-tasting foods out there. Veggies are usually the last thing on my mind. This helps me to get everything I need in 1 serving.
  5. It tastes BETTER than you think. I’m going to be real with you, some people do not like the taste of greens. Why? Because their body is not yet alkalized or “balanced”. The greens won’t taste as “sweet”. Therefore I recommend drinking them first with tea or juice. It’s like adding a little  berry flavor to your drinks (yum). I used to drink mine with tea. Now that my body is balanced, greens taste so much sweeter, and I am able to just drink it with water. On another note, you will want to get the berry flavor. I’m not too fond of the orange.
  6. It’s NON-GMO- enough said.

There you go. My top reasons why I take Greens everyday. I seriously order a box a month. I just feel so much more healthy and less bloated with them. You will especially want these if you have been exercising. It will make a huge difference in your overall health. How do you expect to lose weight if your body is not clean from the inside out? Something to think about….

There is no other product I would recommend as much as this one. I am still SO impressed by it. If you’re ready to jump aboard and get yourself some amazing GREENS click here.

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Remember to always be consistent, and let me know how these make you feel!

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Life of a Toddler Mom- 6 Tips to Get You Through It.


While I was in my last semester of my undergrad career, I was in complete and utter overload.

I had student teaching from 8-4, work from 4-8, another class after work, and creating lesson plans when I got home. Can you imagine how stressed I was?

I remember being so exhausted and literally living off of 5-hour energy shots. I remember counting down everyday until graduation. Although, this time in my life was beyond hectic, I’ll admit, it was sure rewarding.

So, why am I telling you this?

Because, I never EVER compared anything to that one crazy semester…

Until I had a child….

I remember preparing myself for everything to come when I was pregnant. I read baby books, I watched videos, I went to about 4 classes a week, I took infant CPR, I even had a nurse I talked to on a daily basis. I remember thinking “I got this”. I thought I had it all figured out.

Um… Yeah… Not so much. What I quickly realized is LIFE isn’t quite much like the books. Emma didn’t sleep… No literally.. She didn’t sleep EVER. She was considered a “high maintenance” baby from what I had researched. She wanted to nurse at everytime of the day. She was never satisfied. All the things the book told me not to do (like co-sleeping) went out the window. The only way she would sleep was on my chest. And I was desperate. And guess what, she still doesn’t sleep through the night at 18 months old.

So when people that don’t have kids tell me they are tired, I squint my eyes at them thinking “Try having a kid, then complain”. I have no sympathy for anyone who says they are tired. (Lol) Sorry.

The infant stage was a piece of cake compared to the toddler stage. At least, as an infant, Emma wasn’t getting into everything. Now, if I take one eye off of her for even a second, she’s already climbing on the couch or trying to eat a bug. There is NO break. Only a short maybe 30 minute nap for her, and that’s if I’m lucky.

With all that being said, here are some tips that I use on a daily basis. They get me through the day and keep me sane (for the most part).

  1. Keep them busy- find what they like to do and keep them busy. If they are entertained, they will be less likely to get into everything. Example, my toddler loves to go outside. She can be out there for hours. When we are having quiet time, she likes to read tangible books or books on her tablet.
  2. Let them make messes- I know, this is a hard one for me too. Imagine me putting my arm around you and letting you know it’ll be okay. It WILL. Let them play with their jello, or that unimportant stack of papers, or the mail you just put on the table. Just let them. Why? Because you can always clean up the mess. They are curious little beings. Their job in life right now is to explore. The more you’re open to letting it happen, the easier it will be for you to accept it. Now, that’s not to say that you can’t set limits. Do what you think is appropriate. Nobody knows your toddler better than you do.
  3. Engage with them- Most parents are so focused on being parents, that they forget the importance of engaging with their child. Explain everything to them. Tell them stories. Have a conversation. Walk outside and verbally label everything. Show them new ways they can play with their toys. At this age, toddlers just want your attention, so make sure you give it to them. Even if it’s just 30 minutes out of your day. Not only will this help their cognitive abilities, but it will let them know that you CARE. They will be less likely to “act out” if you’re engaging with them.
  4. Mommy time- DONT forget to take some time for yourself. There is nothing wrong with some alone time. Get out of the house, get your nails done, go see a movie. Walk around the block for all I care! I know it’s hard to leave your baby in the care of someone else, but mommy time is just as important. You need to relax and stay sane. That’ll alleviate some of the pressure and anxiety you are having. And, no.. A shower does not count. I already know what you’re thinking.
  5. Deep breath- When you get frustrated with your child, it’s hard not to lose it. Especially if you are sleep deprived. Best thing to do is take a step back and take a deep breath. Try not to get frustrated. Remember, they are little busy bodies just trying to explore the world around them. They can’t help what they feel or do. Don’t get angry if they don’t listen to you. TEACH them right and wrong. Educate them instead of scolding them. In the long run, they will be more understanding.
  6. Just Do It- “Yeah, all this information is great but I’m just so overwhelmed with how much I have to keep up with. How do you do it?” The answer is simple…. Just don’t think about. Don’t think about cleaning up the mess your daughter just made with her spaghetti. Dont think about cleaning up the explosive poopy accident your son just had in his diaper. Just DO IT. I’m a firm believer in “mind over matter” and it really does work. The more you think about it, the more you dwell on it. And no good thing comes from dwelling. Eventually you’ll just be on autopilot when it comes to mommy duties. It HAS to be done. Just DO IT.

Im no expert on parenting but I do take things one day at a time, and sometimes that’s the only thing you can do.

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Being a mom is definitely harder than getting a college degree. However, instead of counting down the days, I’m making the days count. 😉

I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to my mailing list here 




Turbocharge Your Health With These 5 Tips


Good afternoon Friends,

As I was getting ready for the day, I was thinking of some SIMPLE health tips that many of you may not be doing, but should be.

Even though I say SIMPLE, I don’t actually mean SIMPLE. These tips are simple to follow, but also simple to push aside and forget about. In fact, I even have a hard time following them.

Get into the groove of doing these 5 tips, and I bet you’ll start feeling a noticeable difference in your body.

Curb Those Cravings- This is probably the hardest thing for me to do. Since I was a wee one, I have loved food more than anything in this world. Yes, food is GOOD, food is GREAT. But it’s time to kick some of those cravings to the curb (pun intended). We all crave those late night snacks. In fact, let me tell you a story in relation to this first tip.

My dad is the worst when it comes to snacking. He eats all day long. Last night he got up not once, but twice to eat Tres Leches cake. Just so you know, that is one of my favorite desserts. He kept asking if I wanted some KNOWING I’m trying to cut down on my snack intake. I told him NO (as I’m squinting my eyes at him), and I think I died a little bit inside.

Regardless, I went to go brush my teeth. Why? Because once I do this, that’s it. I’m done for the night. No eating.

So I recommend brushing your teeth early on in the night, so you won’t have those urges to snack. Also, drink a big glass of water to fill you up, or take a shower to distract you. If you still have the urges, like me, (as I put a plate of pizza rolls in the microwave) take a hunger suppressant. These bad boys can help suppress your appetite, plus you can take them after a cheat meal. They are wonderful on the body. Check them out here.

Hello H2O- Oh water, how you keep popping up. I’ve mentioned this in my post before because I definitely think this is the MOST important, yet most overlooked tip. Water is the best and most natural detox for your body. If you hate drinking water, do what I do. Slice up some strawberries and watermelon. Put them in a big pitcher of water and let it sit over night. This gives your water a sweet taste and it is AWESOME. I recommend drinking half your body weight in ounces a day. You can do it!

Portion Control- Another one of my weaknesses. I love to pile my plate high. Who else loves to do this?! Especially if you are starvation nation (as my Mom says). I just came back from a conference not too long ago, and the nutrition guru mentioned to never eat a portion bigger than your palm. There you go. If you have big hands, lucky you.

Also, use a smaller plate. Therefore, you are forced to eat smaller portions instead of having a choice. My mom used to tell me, you are full 20 minutes before you feel it; and I believe that!

Stock up on these!- Ever heard of Greens? If not, you’re missing out. I take these with half a bottle of water every day. What does it do? It detoxes your body, gives you your servings of fruits and veggies, and alkalizes your body. So far, it has improved my overall mood and energy. You can’t keep your body healthy, if it is full of toxins. Submit your info here, and get a free sample from me!

Buy Workout Clothes- I don’t know about you, but everytime I buy a new set of workout clothes, it motivates me to want to exercise. We all get into that lull and start putting exercise to the side. Sooner or later, we forget about it all together, and convince ourselves that we don’t really need to exercise as much. STOP.

Find a way to get motivated. Go to “Ross”, pick out some new leggings and a sports bra, pick up an exercise DVD and tell yourself- you will look like those girls in the video. Because you can and you will!

Take all of these tips to heart, incorporate them into your daily activities, and you will experience an overall difference in your body. Health is SO important. Treat your body well, and in return it will treat you well back.

If you’re looking for more information on my supplements or want a discount throw your name and email at the bottom of my welcome page.

Thanks for reading!

Why I Chose to Be a Stay At Home Mom


As Moms, we are naturally built to want to provide. Provide for our kids, provide for our family, provide for our cats (or is that just me?)….

It’s like mothers were born with a “nurturing” gene. (Because we are).

It is OUR DUTY to give our children the best. But what is considered “best”? Are we supposed to stay home and spend time with our children? Or are we supposed to work our tails off, make money, and give them the things they want and need?

There is no right or wrong answer here, but let me go into a little bit of detail and give you some insight as to why I chose to stay home with my baby.

I was a worker. I worked all the way up until I was 39 weeks pregnant. I could’ve gone until I gave birth, but I was huge, cranky, swollen, and every step I took was more painful than the last. (Pregnancy.. Gotta love it) I worked in a place where I had to talk with college students who were applying for scholarships. As a 39 week pregnant, cranky woman, you can only imagine how that was going. (Hint: It was not a good combo)

I decided, trying to raise a newborn while working was not what I wanted. In fact, I dreaded the thought of it. Even though, I thought it would all be rainbows and butterflies, we would sleep all night, she would never cry, etc. Anyway, that’s beside the point. All moms know that’s a fantasy. And BOY am I glad I decided to stay home; 18 months later and we still get up during the night.

So the real question is, “How am I going to provide for my child?”. At the time, I was a single mom, no job, drowning in debt. I needed a way to provide for my family, because I WAS NOT going back to work. I quickly realized that home is where I needed to be. I wanted to be able to see Emma reach all of those cute baby milestones. I did not want to miss anything!

Needless to say, I was running out of money quick. I started looking for jobs. Having a Master’s degree you would think that would be easy right? Wrong. I decided, “Okay, next best thing to staying home; I’ll find a daycare job and bring Emma with me. That way I will still get to spend time with her but won’t have to worry about being away.” Heck, day cares don’t pay much but I’d take a pay cut to keep her close by. I was praying for a sign on what I SHOULD do.

Now, for the record, some moms aren’t like me and HAVE to work to stay sane. Props to you guys as well. Any Mother who is slaving away for their children, I commend you.

On that note, after praying, the next day I got a message from an old college sorority sister asking me if I was interested in working from home with her. I thought, “Is this spam?” I said to myself, “well what could it hurt?” I decided sure, I’d like more info. Needless to say, my prayers were answered. I jumped into it not but 2 days later, earned a $1000 bonus on top of it all, paid off some debt, and continued staying home with Emma.

Where am I getting at you might ask? Don’t let the fear of needing money outweigh the want to stay home with your kids, if that’s what you TRULY want to do. I am a big believer in following your dreams! There are SO MANY opportunities out there. Don’t settle for a 9-5, punch in , 40 hour a week job. There is hardly a dream in that. Don’t be afraid to take a chance. I strongly believe in working from home and recommend it. It is one of the most fantastic and rewarding opportunities out there.

If a 9-5, punch in, 40 hour a week job makes you want to vomit like it does me, well then my friend we are in the same boat. If you’re wondering how I was and still am able to stay home with my baby, click on over to my page and throw your email in the bottom part for more info. I’ll walk you through step by step on how I did just that.

Thanks for taking out your valuable time to read this. Stay tuned for more coming soon!


Do You Make These 4 Mistakes When Working Out?


So, most of us want to workout but aren’t exactly sure where or how to start. We do a few push-ups a day, maybe a couple of squats, work up a sweat and we should be good right? Eh…. Not exactly.

For me, losing weight and toning up has always been pretty easy (thanks to my good genes) but that’s not how it is for everyone.

Here, I’ll discuss the 4 major mistakes you may be making and why you probably aren’t losing that weight you so easily thought could shed.

  1. Not being CONSISTENT- You have to be consistent in everything you do for at least 90 days or more. This includes healthy eating habits, working out, taking supplements, etc. You can’t expect to workout for 2 weeks and already start seeing results. It just doesn’t work like that. Although, don’t we all wish it did.. Sigh.. Anyway, same goes for healthy eating and taking health supplements. You can’t do these things when it’s convenient or shall I say not convenient for you. It takes work, but when you start being consistent enough, it turns into a habit, and then that habit turns into a lifestyle. See the pattern here? Stay consistent.
  2. Not drinking enough WATER– Water should be the main thing you are drinking throughout the day. If you didn’t know this already, stick your hand out and plant the palm of your hand on your forehead… No really, do it. Okay okay.. I’ll admit, I’m not the best with drinking water either but, it is one of the most important parts of losing weight. Not to mention, it’s the best and most natural detox for your body. It rids your body of toxins and can even metabolize stored fat. So get that daily intake of water, at least half of your body weight in ounces, and bottoms up!
  3. Not doing cardio- If we do some crunches, some push-ups, maybe squats we will lose weight and tone up at the same time, right? WRONG. Cardio is probably one of the main sources of weightloss. Okay, yes cardio sucks. Nobody wants to do it, unless you’re just some kind of insane person. Kidding, I praise y’all. But it’s extremely important. Why? To burn off the calories. I made the mistake of thinking that if I did 100 crunches a day I’ll for sure get abs, right? Nope. You have to get rid of the fat to see the abs in the first place. “No pain, no gain”. Cardio doesn’t have to be all bad. Dancing is what I love to do. Circuit training is also a good way to go. As long as you get your body moving, you can’t go wrong.
  4. “I want to work out the right way, I don’t need supplements”-  Why yes this could be true for a select few, and I mean SELECT, it is not the case for most people. No matter how much you workout, your body will eventually hit a plateau. You won’t see as DRASTIC results as you once did the first 2 months. And that’s perfectly normal. Sometimes, we need that extra push to get over that plateau. There are supplements that can help increase your metabolism so you burn more calories a day and then there are some that can stimulate the natural production of the HGH hormone to help build lean muscle mass. Whatever the supplement, know that you are not TOO GOOD to take them. Everybody needs help now and then and there is NO shame in getting that extra help.

With that being said, I have a few supplements that I highly recommend for getting you over that plateau. All natural and safe for the heart. I take them now and I am highly satisfied with how fast my metabolism is.

If you want more info on these supplements fill out the form at the bottom of this page and let’s come up with a good plan that meets your needs and goals!

Can’t wait to hear from you soon!