How To Motivate Yourself When You’re Unmotivated



Hey Guys!

Hope you’re having an amazing day so far! I just wanted to talk about something that has really been on my mind. I’m going to be honest here, lately I have really been feeling unmotivated,  and you know what? It’s COMPLETELY normal. So, don’t worry if you fall into this ‘funk’ once or twice or maybe even a few hundred times. What matters is finding your motivation again!

I came across this article and I really liked it because it made some very valid points (link at the bottom). So here’s a little summary of it and my input as well.

  1. Lower Your Goals- Exercise feels like an important thing to do. Like it’s something we SHOULD be doing obviously because everyone wants to stay healthy. This, in turn, leads to crazy fitness goals, which then leads to excuses, because these goals are intimidating. Lower the standards. Make daily goals, realistic goals. Hit those goals and make new ones. Write down these goals and have them somewhere you can see them everyday!
  2. Measure Yourself-One of the most important ways to build motivation is “mastery” according to writer Dan Pink. Choose an exercise that you will be able to progress at. Pick a skill you’re lacking, for example push-ups, and work toward overcoming that milestone. The reward will be even greater since it is coming from the activity itself.
  3. Motivate Yourself With Loss-If you absolutely HAVE to use extrinsic rewards, you are better off threatening yourself with losing something you already have. For example, I would buy a wine bottle first and give it to a friend asking them to drink it if you fail. Now if that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is. This can be done with anything you love.
  4. Reset Mentally- We are always thinking about how we divide our time up in our head. Instead, try to think about what exercising will include afterward, say, a hot shower or a nice glass of wine. (can you tell I really REALLY like wine?) This is a reward in itself.
  5. Don’t stress about FEELING motivated- Often telling yourself that you need motivation will just stress you more. My personal advice for everything is just not to think about it, just do it. Seriously. Don’t think, just do. Makes life so much easier. Mind over matter (as my boyfriend always says). The mind can be a powerful thing.
  6. Buying Clothes/Supplements- Often times, I go to Ross or Target and see the CUTEST workout clothes. Whenever I buy new workout clothes, it motivates me like no other. You can find me the same day in my living room wearing those same clothes and running in place. (HAHA). Same thing goes for Supplements. It never fails. I just order 3 different It’s Vital Supplements and Energy Bars. Once they got to my doorstep, that was all the motivation I needed to get my butt up. Plus, why not ENHANCE your results while you’re at it???

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