The Perfect Cleanse for Your Body

Annisa Cleanse
Hey YOU!
Hope all is well. Me? I am totally enjoying this gloomy, rainy weather we are having here in Texas! Been busy watching Sheriff Callie and Mickey Mouse all day with the little one.
Anyway, I have had something on my mind all day. Mainly because I just ordered the new amazing product for the second time. It just got me thinking….. “Isn’t this thing amazing???”
I decided I needed to share it with you, so can we just talk about it for a second?
SO what is this NEW magical product? Glad you asked. It’s a 48 hour/2 bottles per day Cleanse. So, what the cleanse actually does is a tad bit confusing. I had to study it myself. I’m going to try to explain it as best as I can so bare with me!
Okay, so you know when you’re wifi starts messing up at home and you have to do that annoying thing, and get up, go to the modem and literally push the “RESET” button. Well, you can think of the cleanse that way. Like a “reset” for your body.
On top of that, it removes toxins and delivers vitamin and nutrients straight to your body! How? Let me explain in more detail. (or try)
The cleanse if formulated with a Herbal Cleanse Blend and a Nutritional Cleanse Blend. These blends both feed and support the “good” bacteria so it can fight off the “bad” bacteria. This allows you to push those toxins out and helps you get rid of that bloated, sluggish feeling.
Its also formulated with a non-digestible fiber so it can reach deeper into the colon allowing for a better cleanse. (in a non-weird way…)
But this is exactly what you need to cleanse out your body. How can you expect to lose weight if you’re full of toxins? It just doesn’t make sense. You have to get CLEAN from the inside out.
Your next question is probably “Will I be running to the bathroom every 10 minutes?”

I am here to tell you no! Surprisingly, it’s a very GENTLE cleanse and WHITE PANTS APPROVED. I can attest to that! (ha)
But seriously, because the non-digestible fiber resists being broken down so quickly, it results in a deeper and more steady cleanse.
PHEW, now that I got that off my chest, I feel much better. I just couldn’t sleep without telling you about this awesome new cleanse.
So, there you have it. If you want this cleanse, get it for 40% off as a loyal customer! Already a loyal customer? Perfect! You get wholesale pricing forever! Click Here.
OH! And, while using this cleanse be sure to use the tips I mentioned in my previous blogs. If you haven’t seen a previous blog, check them out!
Until then, I’ll see you on my next blog!
Warmest Regards and Your Sincere Friend,
Annisa Longoria

My Daily Routine

Annisa Body Pic

Hello Everyone!

So, I’ve gotten a few requests of what I have been doing to help me stay in shape.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to be a body builder or anything like that. I am just trying to live a healthier lifestyle and stay in shape. SO I am going to get straight to the point. Here is a list of the products I take, exercises I do, etc. in depth so it can help you all out!

  1. I drink two scoops of greens every morning with my orange juice. This is a good way to start the day. You get your energy, veggies, and detox. Need I say more?
  2. I take my daily supplements right after I eat breakfast.
  • It’s Vital– I take 3 in the morning. It boosts my metabolism, helps me to focus, gives me energy, and gives me all the nutrients I need for the day.
  • Thermofit– 1 a day. I take this for an extra boost in my metabolism. I am able to burn off my calories a lot faster with this bad boy.
  • New You– 1 in the morning and 2 at night. This stimulates the natural production of HGH and helps to build lean muscle mass.
  • Regular– 2 at night. Helps to keep my “system” regular. (I know you’re thinking ew, but having a regular system is also extremely important for your health).
  • Wrap– Once every 1-2 weeks. Helps to tighten and tone my skin. Takes away my bloat.
  • Cleanse– 1 a month- 48 hour cleanse. A deep gentle cleanse for my system.

Those are the supplements I take EVERY day. I am really strict on being consistent because, like i said in one of my other blogs, being consistent is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for losing weight. Next I will go into my workout routine.

  1. I try to make sure I walk at least once a day. The baby and I always try to go the park a few streets down. (and we take the long way) Walking is SO good for you. You will feel so much better afterwards and with thermofit, you are sure to knock out some of those calories.
  2. I try to workout at least 3x a week. NO i do not go to the gym. With a toddler that’s pretty much impossible. I do home workouts. Right now I am doing the Ashy Bines Booty Challenge workout. There are so many workouts you can choose from! I recommend at least 45 minutes of cardio 3x a week. Insanity is also a good one if you’re looking for more of a toned look. A lot of cardio, circuit training, and body resistance exercises. If you’re looking to lose weight quick, this is a great program. Hard work but rest assured, it works.
  3. You don’t have to get on a strict diet to start seeing changes. Portion control along with good, whole foods is all you need. Tip: Eat only foods that can rot. So, eat REAL whole grain items.
  4. DRINK WATER- I don’t have to repeat this one.  You guys know how important water is. It’s the BEST natural detox so just DO IT.

There you go. My daily routine just for ya’ll. I’m not where I want to be just yet, but I am getting there! Keep pushing yourself, stay motivated, and just have fun!

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Why I can’t live WITHOUT this


Annisa Greens

There are many things I say I can’t live without… Like makeup.. But we all know I can quite literally live without… Wait no.. That’s just not true, sorry. I can’t live without makeup. hashtag makeup addict

Anyway… just like I can’t go a day without makeup, I can’t go a day without one of the best and healthiest products I know of…..

GREENS… You may be wondering what the heck is so good about this stuff and why does she keep talking about it! Well let me tell you a little bit about this green gold and if you don’t know.. Well you gon’ learn today!

I recommend Greens to everyone I know. When I first got a hold of some samples I wasn’t really big into them. In fact, I thought I would hate them. Like who cares about veggies, fruits, superfoods, etc. I mean right? But after I drank my first mixed greens, I was like WHOA, energy! I immediately became obsessed.

So, what was it that got me hooked? Glad you asked. Let me tell you why I take this everyday.

  1.  First it’s made of 38 herbs and superfoods that gives NATURAL energy. Not a jittery type of energy. A focused, good-feeling energy. This is one of my favorite things about the greens. It just FEELS SO good.
  2. The blend includes magnesium and potassium which helps to alkalize the body, therefore your body is not so acidic. Good pH balance is SO IMPORTANT forZ good health! pH inbalance can lead to minerals being pulled out of the bones and tissues to compensate. (you can probably already tell this isn’t a good thing). This can make you susceptible to all kinds of diseases. Greens can help alkalize your body and give you the minerals that you need to balance your pH.
  3. Greens includes LactoSpore, which is actually a probiotic. This helps to maintain balance of healthy bacteria in the digestive tracts, keeping your digestive system regular, and removing toxins and waste. HELLO, who doesn’t need a good detox??!
  4. Gives you 8+ servings of fruits and veggies. I know I definitely need help with this. Even though I love all kinds of foods (even fruits and veggies), I don’t eat them as much as I would like to. Why? Because there are so much more greasy, fattening, better-tasting foods out there. Veggies are usually the last thing on my mind. This helps me to get everything I need in 1 serving.
  5. It tastes BETTER than you think. I’m going to be real with you, some people do not like the taste of greens. Why? Because their body is not yet alkalized or “balanced”. The greens won’t taste as “sweet”. Therefore I recommend drinking them first with tea or juice. It’s like adding a little  berry flavor to your drinks (yum). I used to drink mine with tea. Now that my body is balanced, greens taste so much sweeter, and I am able to just drink it with water. On another note, you will want to get the berry flavor. I’m not too fond of the orange.
  6. It’s NON-GMO- enough said.

There you go. My top reasons why I take Greens everyday. I seriously order a box a month. I just feel so much more healthy and less bloated with them. You will especially want these if you have been exercising. It will make a huge difference in your overall health. How do you expect to lose weight if your body is not clean from the inside out? Something to think about….

There is no other product I would recommend as much as this one. I am still SO impressed by it. If you’re ready to jump aboard and get yourself some amazing GREENS click here.

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Remember to always be consistent, and let me know how these make you feel!

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