About Messy Bun Life Style

Hello all! Thank you for joining the messy bun babes, where no one is judged for showing up with messy hair, sweat pants, etc. Where we celebrate differences and encourage taking mental health days, because sometimes we need a little break. On this website you will find some of my favorite products that I use for myself and my pets, relatable blog postings, my photography and some fun merchandise that could boost any mood! Stay tuned!

About The Author

Messy Bun Babes, it is with great honor that you have chose to check out what MessyBunLifestyle has to offer! My name is Chae and I am the founder and author of this spunky page! A little about myself- I grew up in a small town in the upper left corner of WA where I was surrounded by trees and ocean views. Growing up around such beauty inspired my love for photography and growing up in a community like mine had me wanting to be someone others could look up too. In my adulthood I am currently working as a Medical assistant, I have a cat and 2 dachshunds that I love greatly! I also am the luckiest aunty in the world with 4 beautiful little nieces. Oh yeah and sweatpants, no makeup and a messy bun is how you’ll find me on a cold day off.
XOXO, ChaeBabe

Our Focus

Our mission on this website is to create a fun and safe group of spunky individuals, where everyone can come as they are and to teach that toxicity is not a trend but self improvement is priority.

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